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All of my full day wedding photography packages come with the option of a FREE pre-wedding photoshoot. They are completely optional but it is something I would encourage you to do for a number of reasons. You are trusting me to capture one of the most important days of your life and I want to make sure you get everything you expect from me as your wedding photographer.

Firstly it’s a great chance for you to really get to know me as your photographer and for us to work together before the big day. This makes me less of a stranger on the day which will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This also means I can learn more about you both and about the type of photos you want.

During the pre-shoot we can go through the ideas that you may already have. I will already have plenty of my own but it is good for me to know what you want and expect. A little rehearsal of the day if you like to help us all prepare. I can offer advice on posing, talk through different styles, discus your venue/s and photography options. All this will help you feel more comfortable and many couples have also said it adds to the excitement as the day approaches.

Choice of location for the photoshoot is entirely up to you. I often use local parks but I also take a number of photoshoots at the actual wedding venue. I will advise that you contact the venue owners to agree an appropriate date & time if need be. Using the venue gives us a great opportunity to look around together & plan certain parts of the day such as the best area to use for the group shots.

I advise for pre-wedding photoshoots to take place during the three weeks leading up to your wedding. Why so close? My main aim is to get you feeling nice and relaxed on the day so the closer the photoshoot is to your wedding day the more you will benefit from it. Any advise I give you will also be fresh in your mind and being close the the wedding day also gives us a great opportunity to check wedding details. I always bring the booking forms with me so we can double check all the information I have is correct and run through final plans for the day.

Your pre-wedding photoshoot is also added to your USB so you get to keep the images with your wedding photographs.

“From our first initial meeting until our big day, Neil made Mark and I feel at ease and confident. His creative ideas and passion for his work is portrayed throughout the cherished moments captured by the incredible artist that he is.”
Donna & Mark Ah-Choon

As I said earlier, the pre-wedding photoshoot is optional, & there is no pressure on you to take part. It’s just part of a service I like to offer to help you get the most out of your wedding photography & make your day as enjoyable as possible.

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