Post Wedding Photoshoots

Ever wanted to wear that dress one more time? After paying all that money, taking all that time finding the perfect one, do you really want to just let it sit in a box under the bed?

The post wedding shoot is a fantastic opportunity to wear that dress again and do something completely different and creative. It is also open to anyone, not just couples who’s weddings I have photographed.

Formally I called this Trash The Dress but feel the name may have scared most off. Don’t worry. No one is about to try to convince you to trash your wedding dress.

Instead what we will do is work together to create some amazing pictures using ideas that might not have been possible on your wedding day. If possible we can bring your hobbies, pastimes, maybe even your occupation, into the shoot to make the shoot more personal and fitting to you.

Images can be provided on disc and a range of canvas and contemporary prints are available. A great surprise for your husband or if he wants to join in we can work on a theme that fits you both.

If you look through the attached Gallery you can see some samples of my work. The Bride and Groom in the boxing images are Mr & Mrs Pegg. After shooting their wedding in 2012 they expressed an interest in the post wedding shoot. Once I found out Mr Pegg held a boxing title belt up north the idea was set. Bride and Groom in the ring, fighting it out, the ref dressed as a vicar and obviously Mrs Pegg was going to win. Proving who wears the trousers. These are staged shots and Mr Pegg of course came to no harm but Mrs Pegg seemed to really enjoy the 8 or 9 takes we had to do to get the right image of her landing one on his chin.

Post Wedding Photoshoot Boxing Bride Trash The Dress

Of course this might not be for you. I came up with this idea because it represented the couple taking part. You may just want a selection of striking images in your dress. Maybe the weather was not kind on your day and you just want some nice images outside. Or on the family farm you grew up on. I am happy to work with ideas you may already have or help you come up with new ones. The possibilities are endless. 

If you are interested in a post wedding shoot please contact me through my contact page leaving a brief description of any ideas you may already have.
Prices start at £75. Hair and make-up artists are available starting from £35. If you wish to provide your own hair and make-up artist you are free to do so.